Namaste and welcome 

Pyramidion Art is the online gallery of spiritual artist Connor and Antoni.

Our Process: each of our pieces are guided by spirit we are completely free form artist using knowledge of the higher worlds to guide our art.

There is no structure to how we paint and every one of our paintings are painted by us both, to become a single entity in their completion, signed as G.Oriones. 

Every aspect of our artwork is chosen by the cosmos we do not chose what colors to  use which brush to apply the color with, or anything else other than which canvas we chose to paint on that day.

Our Podcast: We also host a podcast entitled Truth In Art where we discuss various topics around the art of being human and how we can use the inner world to help us grow in freedom (our motto).


The podcast can also be found on iTunes and Spotify, were you can subscribe for updates on new episodes!