About Us

Connor and Antoni (we) are artist that use their knowledge and connection to the higher world to help guide how we live our lives and how we interact with the world. We host a podcast entitled Truth In Art which seeks to help and guide people in understanding themselves and their inner world, we explore the art of being human. We are passionate about spreading the message of love and we are driven to shatter the bounds of the slave mentality which has been en-trained within us all since the rise of the rational materialist era.

Our goal is to unlock the innate abilities within us all and those abilities allow us to be free of self policing, self judgement, telling our selves that we don’t deserve to be happy or loved. We want people to be free and to grow in freedom, both spiritually and physically. 

Our motivation lay in making our environment better for us and every one around us, we want to expel the darkness that we build up inside (and that which is external) so that we may shine light to all the corners of the Earth.

We achieve this by spreading our message through our podcast and our artwork. We are also running classes (currently only in Edinburgh, Scotland) teaching people our method of intuitive expressionism, which is what we call our way of painting. 

We hope that by teaching people how to break their own perceptions of what is means to be and artist they may better understand what it means to be human, after all we are all artist in our own right and we only tell our selves that we can’t be. Intuitive Expressionism  also allows us to connect to our inner worlds more deeply by using the unconscious and subconscious being to be expressed on the canvas which in turn teaches us about what we feel and how to deal with blockages and fears we face.   

We give gratitude and love to all those who wish to follow us on this journey of self discovery and self improvement, blessings to you all.

Intuitive Expressionism

Intuitive Expressionism is the term we use for the way we paint. It is a form of abstract expressionism expect that is relies on ones intuition. 

What do we mean by intuition?

Our intuition is what guides us, it is the inner voice we have when we are presented with any situation. The higher self that guides in every action we take whether we choose to listen to it or not. Often we are pressured into doing things we know are not good for us, but if we just listen to our selves and our hearts we could make our lives and by extension the world a better place.

We can say that through our experience listening to what the higher self truly wants to express can lead us to live more fulfilling lives, lives that have meaning and direction, ones where we can achieve our true calling and mission.

Let art challenge you to be better, to be more expressive, to be more compassionate and passionate, let it allow you to be you.


The Artist

G. Oriones

When we paint, we take the unmanifest channel of energy an allow the movements of our bodies and minds to express them selves through the work. Which is why by the time we come to the completion of a piece it is no longer Connor and Antoni’s painting but rather takes a life of its own. The final work is therefore signed as G. Oriones the name given to us through our practice. It is a combination of our energies, the masculine and feminine, the unmanifest to manifest.